Climate Adaptive Facade using Bamboo



naam: Sindhu Murali
Titel inzending: Climate Adaptive Facade using Bamboo
Naam: TU Delft
Faculteit: Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Studierichting: Building Engineering
Afstudeerrichting: Building Physics and Technology
Studiejaar: Graduated (September 2013)
Betrokken vakdocent: Drs. Wolfgang F. Gard
Overige begeleiding: Prof. Dr. Ir. J.W.G. van de Kuilen
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Het project

Indoor climate and human comfort are attaining increasing interest mainly because of the energy demands and operational costs involved in meeting them. Since the façade serves as an interface between the interior and exterior space, it plays a critical role in determining the indoor environment: exchange of air, heat and coolth through the façade directly influences the energy demands of the building. Bamboo was chosen as the material for construction in this project due to its abundance in availability as well as its potential to reduce the embodied energy to a great extent. In this entry, a design concept for a dynamic façade system using engineered bamboo for the hot-humid climate belt of India is discussed. Calculations indicate that the proposed design can improve the indoor thermal comfort for the most part of the year. The design was developed as part of my graduation thesis at TU Delft.


I deserve to win the Wood Challenge because I believe that my design looks at bamboo in a completely different way-  it  attempts to solve the energy costs incurred by buildings (embodied as well as operative) in a climate and region where bamboo is readily available. I believe winning the Wood Challenge can serve as a platform to take this design forward to a wider audience and increase its likelihood of realization.

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